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The authors consider the biquadratic finite volume element approximation for the Pois-son's equation on the rectangular domain Ω = (0, 1) 2. The primal mesh is performed using a ractangular partition. The control volumes are chosen in such a way that the vertices are stress points of the primal mesh. In order to solve the scheme more efficiently, the(More)
This paper is concerned with accurate and efficient numerical methods for solving viscous and nonviscous wave problems. The paper first introduces a new second-order PR-ADI like scheme. For an efficient simulation, the scheme is also extended to a highorder compact PRADI likemethod. Both of them have the advantages of unconditional stability, less impact of(More)
This paper is devoted to designing a practical algorithm to invert the Laplace transform by assuming that the transform possesses the Puiseux expansion at infinity. First, the general asymptotic expansion of the inverse function at zero is derived, which can be used to approximate the inverse function when the variable is small. Second, an inversion(More)
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