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according the specialty of wireless sensor network technology and the characteristic of warehouse measure and control system, an intelligent warehouse measure and control system based on Zigbee WSN and network nodes are designed. At the same time, the whole design frame and the hardware structure of sensor nodes and applications software flow chart are(More)
With the world economy warmer, new opportunities for development of logistics industry have been brought. Under this new situation, how to improve the productivity and reduce the operating costs are very important issues for enterprises. Wireless Fidelity and Real Time Location Systems used in automatic warehouse management system can make the management of(More)
Green supply chain, in this time and age, is the one of the most prevalent topics in the supply chain management. Meanwhile the conceptions and the measurements of green supply chain play a significant role in the certain fields (e.g., such as environmental protection, sustainable development of economy, to enhance the products in the international market(More)
Flexsim software can model discrete-time system; it is an ideal choice to plan the distribution center simulation and logistics system. The paper is according to the Flexsim system simulation software, comparative analyzing the distinguish of different picking strategy of distribution center, qualitative analyzing many types of applicability and relative(More)
According to characteristic of the hybrid maglev systems, its mathematic model was built. At the same time, the simulation results and the experimental results of the dynamic characteristic compare of hybrid maglev system with different thickness permanent magnets are given by using the PID controller. The simulation results are consistent with the(More)
Resource scheduling is a main research direction of cloud computing technology. In the emergency material dispatch, the unexpected event has the characteristics of high uncertainty and strong destructive. Therefore, the demands for accuracy and timeliness of data analysis are very high, and only through the efficient and accurate implementation of emergency(More)
The simulation of automated storage and retrieve system operation process is studied in detail by using flexsim software in this paper. Then the bottlenecks of process are analyzed in order to optimize the operation, eventually reducing system redundancy, improving equipment utilization, and speeding up the entire process operation rate are designed to(More)
The flexsim simulation software can be done some simulation analyses and optimization regarding the sorting strategy of logistics distribution center, which has the benefits of low cost, short time, repeated running, etc., and plays an important role in improving the level of management and operation. In this paper, we point at sorting system of the(More)
The Hybrid maglev system can generate a majority of levitation force by using permanent magnets. Thus, the power consumption of system and the capacity of the batteries are decreased greatly. At the same time, the levitation air-gap can increase properly. However, the instability factors are increased because of the permanent magnet adding to the suspend(More)