Tonghui Wang

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Not all the knowledge comes from measurements and observations. In many real-life situations, in addition to the results of measurements and observations, we have expert estimates, estimates that are often formulated in terms of natural language, like “ is large”. It is therefore necessary to extend traditional statistical techniques to the case when some(More)
Poverty measures are used to measure poverty levels or degrees of poverty in a population. In this paper, we investigate the estimation of poverty measures using truncated log-normal, truncated gamma, and truncated epsilonskew-normal distributions. For comparisons and illustrations, our results are applied to the real data sets collected in Egypt between(More)
By Fuzzy theory we mean Zadeh’s mathematical theory of generalized sets and their associated logics. At this state of the art, fuzzy theory has provided significant contributions to artificial intelligence via a broader umbrella of soft computing. Like other theories of mathematics, such as number theory and potential theory, fuzzy theory has its own(More)
In many practical situations, we have probability distributions which are close to normal but skewed. Several families of distributions were proposed to describe such phenomena. The most widely used is skew-normal distribution, whose probability density (pdf) is equal to the product of the pdf of a normal distribution and a cumulative distribution function(More)