Tonghui Wang

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In traditional statistics, we process crisp data – usually, results of measurements and/or observations. Not all the knowledge comes from measurements and observations. In many real-life situations , in addition to the results of measurements and observations, we have expert estimates, estimates that are often formulated in terms of natural language, like "(More)
—To properly gauge the extent of poverty in a country or in a region, economists use semi-heuristic poverty measures such as the Foster-Greer-Thorbecke (FGT) metric. These measures are used because it was empirically shown that they capture the commonsense meaning of the extent of poverty better than previously proposed measures. However, the fact that(More)
In this talk, the class of multivariate extended skew normal distributions is introduced. The properties of this class of distributions, such as, the moment generating function, probability density function, conditional probability density functions and independence are discussed. The definition of extended noncentral skew chi-square distribution is given.(More)