Tongfu Xu

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As sperm prepare for fertilization, surface Ca(2+) channels must open to initiate required, Ca(2+)-mediated events. However, the molecular identity and functional properties of sperm Ca(2+) channels remain uncertain. Here, we use rapid local perfusion and single-cell photometry to examine the kinetics of calcium responses of mouse sperm to depolarizing(More)
Pituitary gonadotropes transduce hormonal input into cytoplasmic calcium ([Ca(2+)](cyt)) oscillations that drive rhythmic exocytosis of gonadotropins. Using Calcium Green-1 and rhod-2 as optical measures of cytoplasmic and mitochondrial free Ca(2+), we show that mitochondria sequester Ca(2+) and tune the frequency of [Ca(2+)](cyt) oscillations in rat(More)
The role of NR4A1 in apoptosis is controversial. Pancreatic β-cells often face endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress under adverse conditions such as high free fatty acid (FFA) concentrations and sustained hyperglycemia. Severe ER stress results in β-cell apoptosis. The aim of this study was to analyze the role of NR4A1 in ER stress-mediated β-cell apoptosis(More)
BACKGROUND NR4A3/NOR-1 is a member of the NR4A orphan nuclear receptor subfamily, which contains early response genes that sense and respond to a variety of stimuli in the cellular environment. The role of NR4A3 in insulin expression in pancreatic beta cells remains unknown. METHODS Dynamic changes in NR4A3 were examined in a pancreatic beta-cell line,(More)
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