Tongfeng Zhang

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In digital communications, the constant modulus algorithm (CMA) for blind channel equalization has some disadvantages such as slow convergence speed and phase rotation. Therefore, an improved CMA+SDD (soft decision directed) algorithm based on FSE is proposed. The algorithm minimizes a modified error function and the learning-rate is modulated by the(More)
This paper presents a new kind of shiftable complex Contourlet transform, P-Contourlet, which has the characteristics of multiresolution, higher direction selectivity and low redundant. The P-Contourlet transform first project a real signal into an analytic signal and then Contourlet transform is applied on it. As an analytic signal itself has the property(More)
An improved data analysis approach has been developed for the combined laser extinction and two-angle elastic light scattering diagnostics to relate the various measured optical cross sections to soot aggregate properties. The performance of the proposed approach is assessed using the comprehensive dataset of Santoro ethylene-air co-flow diffusion flame.(More)
In this paper, a modified spiking neuron circuit (MSNC) with memory threshold is presented. The MSNC can store the potential of the threshold signal at the latest firing time as threshold under the control of pulse, implying the memory of threshold. We extend the definition of the least common multiple to obtain the iterative map of firing phase of the(More)
Recently, dictionary learning (DL) based methods have been introduced to compressed sensing magnetic resonance imaging (CS-MRI), which outperforms pre-defined analytic sparse priors. However, single-scale trained dictionary directly from image patches is incapable of representing image features from multi-scale, multi-directional perspective, which(More)
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