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Recent studies have suggested that the thermodynamic stability of mRNA secondary structure near the start codon can regulate translation efficiency in Escherichia coli, and that translation is more efficient the less stable the secondary structure. We survey the complete genomes of 340 species for signals of reduced mRNA secondary structure near the start(More)
BACKGROUND A common observation in the analysis of gene expression data is that many genes display similarity in their expression patterns and therefore appear to be co-regulated. However, the variation associated with microarray data and the complexity of the experimental designs make the acquisition of co-expressed genes a challenge. We developed a novel(More)
PURPOSE To develop a dry eye model of mouse induced by topical administration of benzalkonium chloride (BAC) and investigate the possible mechanisms. METHODS BAC at concentration of 0.2% was applied to the mouse ocular surface for 7 days. Phenol red thread tear test, tear break-up time (BUT) test, corneal inflammatory index scoring, fluorescein and rose(More)
The Pacific Software Research Center is developing a new method to support reuse and introduce reliability into software. The method is based on design capture in domain specific design languages and automatic program generation using a reusable suite of program transformation tools. The transformation tools, and a domain specific component generator(More)
Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are being advocated for traffic control, accident avoidance, and a variety of other applications. Security is an important concern in VANETs because a malicious user may deliberately mislead other vehicles and vehicular agencies. One type of malicious behavior is called a Sybil attack, wherein a malicious vehicle pretends(More)
BACKGROUND The small brown planthopper (Laodelphax striatellus) is an important agricultural pest that not only damages rice plants by sap-sucking, but also acts as a vector that transmits rice stripe virus (RSV), which can cause even more serious yield loss. Despite being a model organism for studying entomology, population biology, plant protection,(More)
The CQ project at OGI, funded by DARPA, aims at developing a scalable toolkit and techniques for update monitoring and event-driven information delivery on the net. The main feature of the CQ project is a &#8220;personalized update monitoring&#8221; toolkit based on <italic>continual queries</italic> [3]. Comparing with the pure pull (such as DBMSs, various(More)
This paper considers generic recursion schemes for programs which recurse over multiple inductive structures simultaneously , such as equality, zip and the nth element of a list function. Such schemes have been notably absent from previous work. This paper deenes a uniform mechanism for deening such programs and shows that these programs satisfy generic(More)