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multi-view autostereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) display has been one of the most popular research issues in the world. And 3D displays are classified into two types: stereoscopic 3D display and autostereoscopic 3D display. The former includes head mount system, anaglyph system, polarized filter system, field sequential system and so on. The latter is(More)
In the open vehicle routing problem (OVRP), a vehicle does not return to the depot after servicing the last customer on a route. The description of this variant of the standard vehicle routing problem appeared in the literature over 20 years ago, but it has still received little attention from researchers for a satisfactory solution. In this paper, a novel(More)
Power control plays an important role in the design and operation of wireless networks. In this paper, we first define two critical metrics, transport density and channel access time to measure the system performance. The trade-off between these two metrics as a function of the peak power constraint is discussed in two cases, a fixed peak power case and an(More)
In this study, we consider the application of a hybrid particle swarm algorithm to the grain logistics vehicle routing problem with time windows (VRPTW). VRPTW is a variant of the well-known well-studied vehicle routing problem (VRP), which the objective is to use the limited vehicles so that the maximum number of jobs can be completed with minimum cost.(More)
Data fusion was used to predict the safe value of grain environment in different operational conditions. The temperature, humidity, moisture, pest and etc, were used as inputs to the data fusion center and network. Feed-forward artificial neural networks with 4-10-5 arrangements were capable to estimate the safe value of grain environment as the outputs.(More)
The multi-depot vehicle routing problem with time windows (MDVRPTW) is an extension to the classical Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP); it is the major research topics in the supply chain management field. It aims to designing a set of minimum-cost routes for a vehicle fleet servicing many customers with known demands and predefined time windows.In this paper a(More)
In the supply chain, a warehouse is an essential component for linking the chain partners. It is necessary to allocate warehouse resources efficiently and effectively to enhance the productivity and reduce the operation costs of the warehouse. Therefore, warehouse management systems (WMSs) have been developed for handling warehouse resources and monitoring(More)