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I. INTRODUCTION Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) shows great promise for the future communication systems, such as fourth generation (4G) mobile radio systems and fixed broadband wireless systems. MIMO systems are known to achieve near Shannon channel capacity and hence the practical implementation of MIMO signal detection systems is very important.(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) models are basis of modern digital manufacturing systems. It has attracted much attention in research and industrial applications to build 3D product models efficiently and cost-effectively. One of promising developments is product models reusing through sharing. The efficient retrieval of 3D product shapes can speed up 3D modeling(More)
In this paper, a spectral clustering ensemble algorithm based on synthetic similarity (SCEBSS) is proposed to improve the performance of clustering. Multiple methods of vector similarity measurement are adopted to produce diverse similarity matrices of objects. Every similarity matrix is given a weight and then added as a synthetic similarity matrix. A(More)
In this paper, the simulation control experiments on the VAV terminal unit are studied. First of all, the Sliding Mode Variable Structure Control (SMVSC) algorithm based on nonlinear exact linearization for single-input single-output nonlinear systems is proposed. Then the model of air-damper and air-conditioning room is identified, and the comparative(More)
Recently, there has been increasing interest in using unlabeled data for classiica-tion. However, whether these unlabeled data are truly useful is still under debate. In order to have a better understanding of relevant issues, it is worthwhile to precisely formulate the problem and carefully analyze the value of unlabeled data under certain learning models.(More)
Exact linearization is a traditional method for nonlinear system in the nonlinear system theory, the basic idea of which is to linearize the whole or parts of a nonlinear system using nonlinear coordinate transformation and nonlinear state feedback method. The input-output relationship of the nonlinear system can be represented by a linearized model which(More)
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