Tong Zhang

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Our objective is to determine if a first-price auction or a posted-price market provides a seller with the larger expected revenue when buyers have a common value for the item being sold. An agent-based, posted-price market and an agent-based, first-price common-value auction with a reserve price are developed to compare these selling methods. When the(More)
As a consequence of years of study, geographic Cellular Automata (Geo-CA) models have become far more complex than the original basic CA concepts. In many Geo-CA applications, calibration processes are needed to determine the appropriate model parameter values so that CA models can produce more realistic simulation results. For a multi-parameter Geo-CA(More)
  • Tong Zhang
  • 2011
Encouraged by the significant recent progress of 3D integration technologies, 3D integration has become a spotlight of global semiconductor industry. This certainly provides a new spectrum of opportunities and challenges for system designers and warrants significant rethinking and innovations from system design perspectives. This special session aims to(More)
This study instructs an artificial price competition market to examine the impact of capacity constraints on the behavior of packers. Results show when there are cattle left for the lowest bidder after all other packers finishing their procurement, the capacity constraints make the price lower than the perfect competition level. All rights reserved. Readers(More)
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