Tong Zhang

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Audio categorization is essential when managing a music database, either a professional library or a personal collection. However, a complete automation in categorizing music into proper classes for browsing and searching is not yet supported by today's technology. Also, the issue of music classification is subjective to some extent as each user may have(More)
I. INTRODUCTION Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) shows great promise for the future communication systems, such as fourth generation (4G) mobile radio systems and fixed broadband wireless systems. MIMO systems are known to achieve near Shannon channel capacity and hence the practical implementation of MIMO signal detection systems is very important.(More)
Crowd counting on static images is a challenging problem due to scale variations. Recently deep neural networks have been shown to be effective in this task. However, existing neural-networks-based methods often use the multi-column or multi-network model to extract the scale-relevant features, which is more complicated for optimization and computation(More)
An innovative simulated evolutionary algorithm (EA), called I-Ching divination EA (IDEA), and its convergence analysis are proposed and investigated in this paper. Inherited from ancient Chinese culture, I-Ching divination has always been used as a divination system in traditional and modern China. There are three operators evolved from I-Ching(More)
In the title compound,4H 2 O, the Ce 3+ ion is nine-coordinated by two O atoms and two N atoms from one single and from one double deprotonated pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylate ligand and five water molecules in a distorted monocapped square-antiprismatic geometry. In the crystal, extensive O—HÁ Á ÁO hydrogen-bonding interactions result in a three-dimensional(More)