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The fall is a crucial problem in the elderly people’s daily life, and the early detection of fall is very important to rescue the subjects and avoid the badly prognosis. In this paper, we use a wearable tri-axial accelerometer to capture the movement data of human body, and propose a novel fall detection method based on one-class support vector machine(More)
In this work, a semidiscrete finite volume element method for the nonlinear convection– diffusion problem is considered. Under some regular assumptions, we obtain the L and H norm error estimates of numerical solution. Furthermore, we investigate two-grid finite volume element method for the considered equations. Compared with the standard method, the(More)
Abstract. In this article, a characteristic scheme is considered for the viscoelastic Oldroyd fluid flows based on the lowest equal-order finite element pair. The diffusion term in these equations is discretized by using finite element method, the temporal differentiation and advection terms are treated by characteristic scheme and the integral term is(More)
The previous research reveals the presence of relatively strong spatial correlations from spontaneous activity over cortex in Electroencephalography (EEG) and Magnetoencephalography (MEG) measurement. A critical obstacle in MEG current source mapping is that strong background activity masks the relatively weak local information. In this paper, the(More)