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A hierarchical system for audio classiication and retrieval based on audio content analysis is presented in this paper. The system consists of three stages. The rst stage is called the coarse-level audio classiication and segmenta-tion, where audio recordings are classiied and segmented into speech, music, several types of environmental sounds, and silence,(More)
A real-time audio segmentation and indexing scheme is presented in this paper. Audio recordings are segmented and classified into basic audio types such as silence, speech, music, song, environmental sound, speech with the music background, environmental sound with the music background, etc. Simple audio features such as the energy function, the average(More)
—While current approaches for audiovisual data segmentation and classification are mostly focused on visual cues, audio signals may actually play a more important role in content parsing for many applications. An approach to automatic segmen-tation and classification of audiovisual data based on audio content analysis is proposed. The audio signal from(More)
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