Tong Zhang

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We address the inherent high-field magnetoresistance ͑MR͒ of indium antimonide epilayers on GaAs ͑001͒, studying the modification of the MR when processed into a set of geometries. The changes produced by the geometries are quite subtle. The extraordinary MR geometry produces the highest low-field MR while the Corbino geometry produces the largest(More)
We have investigated the 300 K inherent magnetoresistance of undoped InSb epilayers grown on GaAs͑001͒ by molecular-beam epitaxy. The magnetoresistance of these films can be described well using a simplified model that incorporates gradation of properties away from the InSb/GaAs interface and the interplay between conduction and impurity bands. Although(More)
The problem of preparing high-mobility thin InSb films is revisited for magnetoresistive and spintronic sensor applications. We introduce a growth process that significantly improves the electrical properties of thin unintentionally doped InSb layers ͑60–300 nm͒ epitaxially grown on GaAs͑100͒ substrates by reducing the density of dislocations within the(More)
This paper presents an energy efficient VLSI architecture for motion estimation using image processing assisted voltage overscaling (VOS). Motion estimation is the most computationally expensive block inside any video encoder, typically consuming 40-60% of the total power. This work focuses on using VOS to reduce power consumption at the expense of marginal(More)
18513 Background: Our group previously found in a cross-over RCT in 69 advanced cancer patients [P] that the sitting posture was preferred; we also found that patients consistently chose the physician [MD] they observed in 2nd order [ASCO 2003:2958]. The effect of sequence on MD preference and perception of compassion had not been reported before. The(More)
This paper presents a continuous phase modulation (CPM) coherent detector design suitable for high throughput, low power VLSI implementations. The key component of CPM coherent detector is the trellis decoder. Compared with the Viterbi algorithm, the sub-optimum T-algorithm significantly reduces computation complexity and provides great potential to realize(More)
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