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SUMMARY This paper presents two experimental comparisons of data ow a n d m utation testing. These two techniques are widely considered to be eeective for unit-level software testing, but can only be analytically compared to a limited extent. We compare the techniques by e v aluating the eeectiveness of test data developed for each. For a number of(More)
Audio categorization is essential when managing a music database, either a professional library or a personal collection. However, a complete automation in categorizing music into proper classes for browsing and searching is not yet supported by today's technology. Also, the issue of music classification is subjective to some extent as each user may have(More)
This paper treats the chaos synchronization problem of uncertain Lorenz system via single variable information of the master system. By the Lyapunov stability theory, the derived controller is featured as follows: (a) only single variable information of the master system is needed to transmit to slave system for synchronization; (b) the synchronization also(More)
This paper treats the chaos synchronization problem of uncertain chaotic Chua circuit system. Based on adaptive technique, the proposed controller is featured with (a) the only single variable information from the master system is needed; (b) the synchronization can also be achieved while some parameters of the master system are perturbed; (c) the bound of(More)
To meet the strict emission regulations, multipulse injection and other strategies were adopted to achieve different combustion patterns and paths of high-pressure common rail diesel engine in order to achieve ultra-low emissions. Therefore, the control system of multi-pulse fuel injection based on MCF5235 microprocessor and the multi-pulse control(More)
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