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Previously, a graph-based algorithm for essence of Dynamic Airspace Configuration (DAC) is developed, in alliance with the essential ideas of the DAC concepts: innovative air space structure and time-varying adaptation to those structures. This paper presents preliminary assessment of operational benefits for the DAC algorithm using ETMS data of the(More)
The UUIS consists of six functional modules supplemented by a presentation layer. The presentation layer is in charge of parsing through the data to be displayed and outputting the relevant information as described in the requirement specification, while the logic layer will be divided into six modules. The database layer consists of a 20-table database. An(More)
In the 52-page document, we describe our approach to the Software Requirements Specification of the IUfA's UUIS prototype. This includes the overall system description, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, use cases, the corresponding data dictionary for all entities involved, mock user interface (UI) design, and the overall projected cost(More)
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