Tong Wang

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To My lovely wife, Tong Wang And my to-be-born baby girl, Lucia Wang i ABSTRACT This dissertation is a systematic study of artificial intelligence (AI) applications for the diagnosis of power transformer incipient fault. The AI techniques include artificial neural networks (ANN, or briefly neural networks-NN), expert systems, fuzzy systems and multivariate(More)
Upon outbreak of a contagious animal disease, a primary motive for restoring disease-free status is often to regain access to international product markets. Efforts applied toward continuing or regaining such access is a public good—all growers benefit regardless of extent of private efforts taken while exclusion is impractical. Private incentives to take(More)
Food and Agriculture under project title 'Economics of the Food Supply Chain.' Beyond funding, study sponsors had no involvement in any part of the study. We thank John Lawrence for encouraging the research. Abstract: This paper models producers' interdependent incentives to participate in a voluntary livestock disease control program. Under strategic(More)
The industrialization of animal agriculture has fundamentally transformed animal health markets while animal health innovations have promoted this industrialization. The subtlety of these interactions shows how little we know about agricultural industrialization. To illustrate, we consider three stylized features of industrialized animal agriculture. These(More)
This paper describes an econometric model to evaluate factors associated with a county's likelihood of being designated as a private practice shortage area under the United States' Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP). Study determinants of equilibrium food animal veterinarian location choices were also evaluated and used as a benchmark to(More)
AIM To identify and assess the research situation of top 100 cited articles in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). METHODS The global scientific research articles in the Science Citation Index-Expanded relevant to NAFLD were retrieved and listed according to their citation times from the most to the least. The 100 most frequently cited original(More)
With the globally increasing prevalence, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) becomes the predominant cause of chronic liver disease. A global look at the publication trends and the research hotspots of NAFLD are urgently needed to assess the situation of NAFLD research. The global scientific research in the Science Citation Index-Expanded covered(More)