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—In this paper, we consider a general cooperative wireless sensor network (WSN) with multiple hops and the problem of channel estimation. Two matrix-based set-membership (SM) algorithms are developed for the estimation of complex matrix channel parameters. The main goal is to significantly reduce the computational complexity, compared with existing channel(More)
—In this paper, we study the design of network coding for the multiple two-way relaying channels where multiple pairs of sources wish to exchange information with their partners. All nodes are equipped with multiple antennas, and we focus on a particular scenario where the sources have less antennas than the relay. For such a case, the application of(More)
—In this paper, we consider a two-hop wireless sensor network with multiple relay nodes where the amplify-and-forward scheme is employed. We present strategies to jointly design linear receivers and the power allocation parameters via an alternating optimization approach subject to global, individual and neighbour-based power constraints. Two design(More)
This paper considers inventory models with advance demand information and flexible delivery. Customers place their orders in advance, and delivery is flexible in the sense that early shipment is allowed. Specifically, an order placed at time t by a customer with demand leadtime T should be fulfilled by period t + T ; failure to fulfill it within the time(More)
The problem of locating information among cooperating agents within a distributed computing environment is considered. Such collections of agents can be collectively thought of as a single distributed application providing a single set of services; the X.500 distributed directory is an example of such an application. A central problem in such applications(More)