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Soldiers have closer relationship with the exoskeleton robots, which offer the power to help walking and further enhance the capacity and speed of motion with heavy load or long-time motion. One of the core technologies of the exoskeleton robots is human motion sensing technology. In this paper, the IntelliSense technology of exoskeleton robot is deeply(More)
A message composed of packets is transmitted using erasure and channel coding over a fading channel with no feedback. For this scenario, the paper explores the trade-off between the redundancies allocated to the packet-level erasure code and the channel code, along with an objective of a low probability of failure to recover the message. To this end, we(More)
For coordinating and high-precision control of the lower limb wearable exoskeleton, surface electromyography (sEMG) which reflected the neuromuscular activity is chosen as the main signal source to obtain more accurate motion pattern in this paper. At first, 4-channel sEMG signals which can be described separately as biceps femoris, vastus medialis, rectus(More)
Recently, the human-machine exoskeleton system, which is a kind of wearable robot, has been widely developed for human body's restoration and enhancement of motor function. The exoskeleton for assisting disabilities, performance enhancement, etc., however, has some limitations and shortcomings in the coordination between human action and external mechanical(More)
In this project, a neural network was trained to predict the location of a WiFi transmitter given the measured amplitude and phase (CSI data) of the transmitted signal at the WiFi receiver. Each CSI data point was mapped to a ground-truth angle of arrival (AoA) in degrees, and distance in meters. Training neural networks with this data, we were able to(More)
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