Tong Ming Lim

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Understanding text data on social networking systems has become an important task for companies nowadays. The shift from pattern mining of structured database to mining of non-structured text data has awaken company operators to have a strong presence in the world of social media. This research uses SAS text miner to analyze conversational text collected(More)
The use of knowledge management systems to support knowledge creation and sharing activities has become the priority of organizations to stay competitive in the global market. This is a case study that focuses on how IT Shared Services Company adopted knowledge management system as an automated IT tool and there action of the employees with respect to the(More)
The proposed 6-Hop P2P (6-Hop) is an improved overlay network topology that intends to enhance the current P2P that houses a file sharing and media broadcasting (FSMB) application. A P2P system provides a serverless platform for the current FSMB application. It allows media files in each peer to be located by other peers in the network using any word in the(More)
This paper looked at an IT company by implementing a social networking system, Yammer, to implement an enterprise microblogging system as a alternate knowledge sharing tool for better knowledge sharing practices among employees. This paper highlighted that survey responses and interview followed with focus group study showed that Yammer, an enterprise(More)
Keyphrases are useful in organizing an overwhelming number of resources while providing ease of access for information retrieval. However, manually assigning keyphrases to a document is very expensive in terms of both human resources and time consumption. Therefore, there is a need for automatic keyphrase extraction. While techniques for automatic keyphrase(More)
There has been a tremendous growth in the adoption of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems for media distribution and file sharing. However, P2P is now also being used as underlying technology for other purposes such as the distribution of software updates or as infrastructure for a distributed information repository. The research introduced in this paper is(More)
Web 2.0 has changed the landscape of collaborative and broadcast communications among users in organizations. Enterprise 2.0 and KM 2.0 are derivations of Web 2.0. The deployments of Web 2.0 have created lot of impacts on enterprise KM sharing and reuse. Web 2.0 is used as platforms to improve ties in social networks as well as knowledge sharing and reuse(More)
The concept of "Small-World" paradigm has been used by many peer-to-peer (P2P) systems to achieve high clustering and low number of hops to arrive to its desired target. This approach intends to improve performance of P2P systems. The Small world concept requires that the architecture of a P2P system to achieve high cluster coefficient and low average hop(More)
Text data understanding on social networking systems has become an important source of data for companies to understand their stakeholders better. The shift from pattern mining of structured database to non-structured text data has alerted companies to have a stronger presence in the new social media world. This research uses text miner module in the(More)