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MOTIVATION Analysis of statistical properties of DNA sequences is important for evolutional biology as well as for DNA probe and PCR technologies. These technologies, in turn, can be used for organism identification, which implies applications in the diagnosis of infectious diseases, environmental studies, etc. RESULTS We present results of the(More)
Transcriptional analysis was used to examine the effect of a genomically encoded artificial RNA on Escherichia coli in rich and minimal media. Only the expression of a single gene, deoC, was unequivocally affected under both conditions. E. coli marker strains of this type may be useful in monitoring the fate and transport of bacteria in various applications.
The conversions of vanillic acid and O-benzylvanillic acid to vanillin were examined by using whole cells and enzyme preparations of Nocardia sp. strain NRRL 5646. With growing cultures, vanillic acid was decarboxylated (69% yield) to guaiacol and reduced (11% yield) to vanillyl alcohol. In resting Nocardia cells in buffer, 4-O-benzylvanillic acid was(More)
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