Tomoyuki Watanabe

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Testicular testosterone produced during a critical perinatal period is thought to masculinize and defeminize the male brain from the inherent feminization program and induce male-typical behaviors in the adult. These actions of testosterone appear to be exerted not through its androgenic activity, but rather through its conversion by brain aromatase into(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, the population of elderly people in Japan with dementia has increased. Detection of cognitive impairment in the early stages is important for adequate treatment, care, and prevention. AIM To investigate whether the reliability and validity of the instrument would carry over to a different population and language before using it(More)
The mechanism by which adult neural stem cells (NSCs) are established during development is unclear. In this study, analysis of cell cycle progression by examining retention of a histone 2B (H2B)-GFP fusion protein revealed that, in a subset of mouse embryonic neural progenitor cells (NPCs), the cell cycle slows between embryonic day (E) 13.5 and E15.5(More)
In the present study, we examined the visual accommodation of subjects who were gazing fixedly at 3D images from two different displays: a cathode ray tube (CRT) while wearing special glasses and a liquid crystal display (LCD) while not wearing special glasses. The subjects in this experiment were two healthy people aged 22 and 39 years, all with normal(More)
— Recent advances in 3D technology have been accompanied by increasing complaints of visual fatigue. The usual explanation for such fatigue is that accommodation and convergence are mismatched during stereoscopic vision. The aim of this study was to measure fixation distances between lens accommodation and convergence in young subjects while they viewed(More)
The PTH receptor is to our knowledge one of the first G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) found to sustain cAMP signaling after internalization of the ligand-receptor complex in endosomes. This unexpected model is adding a new dimension on how we think about GPCR signaling, but its mechanism is incompletely understood. We report here that endosomal(More)
The self-choice effect refers to the fact that self-chosen items are remembered better than experimenter-assigned items (Takahashi, 1991). The present study investigated the hypothesis that (a) response choice involves relational processing as activation of both target and context items, and (b) such activated context items are effective as potential(More)