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This paper proposes a simple and computationally inexpensive method for animation of clouds. The cloud evolution is simulated using cellular automaton that simplifies the dynamics of cloud formation. The dynamics are expressed by several simple transition rules and their complex motion can be simulated with a small amount of computation. Realistic images(More)
The effect of shadows and interreflection created by room obstructions is an important factor in the continuous tone representation of interiors. For indirect illumination, in most cases a uniform ambient light has been considered, even though the interreflection gives very complex effects with the shaded images.The proposed method for indirect lighting(More)
This paper presents a new algorithm for computing the points at which a ray intersects a rational Bézier surface patch, and also an algorithm for determining if an intersection point lies within a region trimmed by piecewise Bézier curves. Both algorithms are based on a recent innovation known as Bézier clipping, described(More)
Many techniques for rendering natural objects such as the sea, terrains, and trees have been developed; they are indispensable for flight simulators. In this paper, techniques for rendering road surfaces under various conditions are discussed. Rendering road surfaces is quite useful for the evaluation of driving safety, and it will play an important part in(More)
This paper presents a method for automatically extracting a scene depth map and the alpha matte of a foreground object by capturing a scene through RGB color filters placed in the camera lens aperture. By dividing the aperture into three regions through which only light in one of the RGB color bands can pass, we can acquir three shifted views of a scene in(More)
This paper explores an image processing method for synthesizing refocused images from a single input photograph containing some defocus blur. First, we restore a sharp image by estimating and removing spatially-variant defocus blur in an input photograph. To do this, we propose a local blur estimation method able to handle abrupt blur changes at depth(More)
Methods to display realistic clouds are proposed. To display realistic images, a precise shading model is required: two components should be considered. One is multiple scattering due to particles in clouds, and the other factor to be considered is sky light. For the former, the calculation of cloud intensities has been assumed to be complex due to strong(More)
Studio spotlights produce dazzling shafts of light, while light scattered from fog illuminated by automobile headlights renders driving difficult. This is because the particles in the illuminated volume become visible by scattering light. A shading model for scattering and absorption of light caused by particles in the atmosphere is proposed in this paper.(More)