Tomoyuki Nagashima

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A sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of unsaturated disaccharides produced from heparin and heparan sulfate is described. Heparan sulfate was depolymerized using a combination of heparin lyase I (EC, heparin lyase II and heparin lyase III (EC Seven unsaturated disaccharides were separated under(More)
N omega-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) (80 mg), a NO synthase blocker, completely abolished noradrenaline (NA)-induced increase in blood flow through brown adipose tissue (BAT) in the urethan-anesthetized rat. L-NAME suppressed NA-induced increase in blood flow dose-dependently. L-arginine (80 mg), but not D-arginine (80 mg), reversed the inhibitory(More)
This paper proposes a predictive self-organizing map (P-SOM) that performs an adaptive vector quantization of migratory time-sequential signals whose stochastic properties such as average values of signals in each cluster are varying continuously. The P-SOM possesses not only the weight corresponding to the signal values themselves but also those related to(More)
The responses of inbred heat-tolerant FOK rats to cold were compared with those of Wistar King A/H (WKAH) and Std:Wistar (WSTR) strains. The fall of colonic temperature during cold exposure was unexpectedly smaller in FOK than in other groups, but the onset of shivering was delayed in FOK. Norepinephrine (NE)-induced in vivo oxygen consumption and the(More)
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