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Synthesis of a metal oxide with a room-temperature photoreversible phase transition.
This is the first demonstration of a photorewritable phenomenon at room temperature in a metal oxide and lambda-Ti-O(5) satisfies the operation conditions required for a practical optical storage system (operational temperature, writing data by short wavelength light and the appropriate threshold laser power). Expand
Control of the alkali cation alignment in Prussian blue framework.
The Madelung energy calculations revealed that the novel rod structure is stabilized by the alternating rotations of the [Fe(CN)(6)] units within the three-dimensional coordination polymer framework. Expand
Characteristics of HCCI Diesel Combustion Operated with a Hollow Cone Spray
Thie paper presents two factors for improving the performance and emissions characteristics in HCCI diesel combustion, one is reducing compression ratio and another is changing the injector position.Expand
New water-soluble host calixarenes bearing chiral substituents
Chiral p-sulfonatocalix[n]arenes (n=4, 6, and 8) bearing (S)-2-methylbutoxy groups (1(n)) have been synthesized. 1(n=4) gave a simple, positive CD band, whereas 1(n=6) and 1(n=8) gave split CD bandsExpand
Control of Cu(II) and Cu(III) states in N-confused porphyrin by protonation/deprotonation at the peripheral nitrogen.
The square-planar structure of a diamagnetic Cu(III) complex of tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)-substituted N-confused porphyrin was elucidated by X-ray diffraction analysis. The facile interconversionExpand
Crystal Structure, Charge-Transfer-Induced Spin Transition, and Photoreversible Magnetism in a Cyano-Bridged Cobalt−Tungstate Bimetallic Assembly
This paper describes the crystal structure, magnetic properties, and photoreversible magnetic properties of CoII3[WV(CN)8]2(pyrimidine)4·6H2O. We found that complexes of this formula had two types ofExpand
Nonlinear magnetooptical effects caused by piezoelectric ferromagnetism in F3m-type Prussian blue analogues.
Observations of SHG and MSHG imply that AMA[MB(CN)6]-type Prussian blue analogues are piezoelectric above the Curie temperature (TC) and piezOElectric ferromagnet below TC. Expand
A sodium manganese ferrocyanide thin film for Na-ion batteries.
The ex situ XRD experiments reveal that the host framework remains cubic without showing any structural phase transition during the charge process, and the discharge property is discernible up to 40 C. Expand
Observation of an iron(II) spin-crossover in an iron octacyanoniobate-based magnet.
The preparation of the octacyanobridged Fe–Nb bimetallic assembly Fe2[Nb(CN)8]·(3pyCH2OH)8·4.6H2O (3-py= 3-pyridyl), which displays both spin-crossover on Fe and ferrimagnetic ordering between Fe and Nb. Expand