Tomoyuki Kubo

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Cyanobacteria have developed a light-harvesting antenna complex known as the phycobilisome. When cells are starved for nutrients or exposed to high light, the phycobilisome is rapidly degraded (bleaching). It has been suggested that in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942, the bleaching process is regulated by a two-component histidine(More)
It is well established that the syntactic structure of an utterance influences the prosodic phrasing of that utterance. However, there are a number of competing views of just what kinds of syntactic information are relevant for prosodic structure. These views range from models in which a detailed syntactic representation is available to influence prosodic(More)
In this paper we will show that Ikema, a dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan, has a three-tone system, where three tonal classes, Types A, B, and C, are lexically distinguished, contra the previous studies which have claimed that it has a two-tone system. The results of our quantitative analysis of production data also revealed that Type A words are remarkably small(More)
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