Tomoyuki Kakudo

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Liposomes are one of the most promising systems for selective cellular targeting via introduction of specific ligands for cell-surface receptors. After being taken up by the cells, these liposomes usually follow intracellular pathways of receptor-mediated endocytosis. Control of intracellular trafficking is required for optimized drug delivery. In this(More)
Mastoparan (MP), a potent facilitator of mitochondrial permeability transition (PT), could be used as an antitumor agent, if it were encapsulated in a tumor selective delivery system. We recently developed transferrin-modified liposomes (Tf-L) with a pH-sensitive fusogenic peptide (GALA), which delivers an encapsulated fluorescent marker into cytosol(More)
In order to examine the possible participation of trypsin-like proteases in the onset and progress of muscular dystrophy, we investigated the expression of the trypsin-like protease in muscular tissues in mdx mice. We found that the mRNAs of several trypsin-like proteases, including hepsin and t-PA, were expressed in the muscular tissues of mdx mice, but at(More)
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