Tomoyuki Kajino

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Integration of heterogeneous information sources has been one of important data engineering research issues. Various types of information sources are available today. They include dissemination-based information sources, which actively and autonomously deliver information from server sites to users. We have been developing a mediatodwrapper-based(More)
Various phases of the hot and dense hadronic matter are interesting topics in nuclear, particle and astro physics. The neutron star is the most possible target to realize these dense matter. Furthermore a new type of neutron stars, called “magnetars”, with a super strong magnetic field have been discovered [1]. In this study only the neutrino emission is(More)
The recent development of network technology has enabled us to access various information sources easily, and their integration has been studied intensively by the data engineering research community. Although technological advancement has made it possible to integrate existing heterogeneous information sources, we still have to deal with information(More)
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