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A stochastic hydro-geomorphological model for shallow landsliding due to rainstorm
Abstract A prediction model of shallow landsliding is proposed. It considers not only the deterministic aspects containing slope stability, saturated throughflow and a soil (regolith) depthExpand
Theoretical research on the relationship between return period of rainfall and shallow landslides
A hydrogeomorphological model for shallow landslide prediction that considers both the stochastic character of rainfall intensity and duration and the deterministic aspects controlling slopeExpand
Novel Process for High-Density Buried Nanopyramid Array Fabrication by Means of Dopant Ion Implantation and Wet Etching
A simple and high-throughput process to fabricate a high-density buried nanopyramid array (BNPA) on a Si surface has been developed by means of dopant ion implantation and wet etching. In thisExpand
Regulatory Reforms and the Dollar Funding of Global Banks: Evidence from the Impact of Monetary Policy Divergence
Deviations from the covered interest rate parity (CIP), the premium paid to the U.S. dollar (USD) supplier in the foreign exchange swap market, have long attracted the attention of policy makers,Expand
Formation and dissociation of clathrate hydrate in stoichiometric tetrahydrofuran–water mixture subjected to one-dimensional cooling or heating
Abstract Formation and growth, or melting, of a polycrystalline layer of tetrahydrofuran (THF) hydrate from, or into, a liquid solution having the same composition as that of the hydrate have beenExpand
Cooperative Soccer Play by Real Small-Size Robot
This paper presents three technical key features to realize robust pass play between robots and discusses these methods and shows the effectiveness of the methods by experimental results. Expand
Characterization of the groundwater response to rainfall on a hillslope with fractured bedrock by creep deformation and its implication for the generation of deep-seated landslides on Mt. Wanitsuka,
Abstract In this study, the hydrogeological response of a hillslope affected by gravitational deformation was analyzed based on the data obtained for two observation boreholes: a 10-m boreholeExpand
Evaluating the susceptibility of landslide landforms in Japan using slope stability analysis: a case study of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake
This study analyzed 267 landslide landforms (LLs) in the Kumamoto area of Japan from the database of about 0.4 million LLs for the whole of Japan identified from aerial photos by the NationalExpand
Fabrication of adenosine triphosphate-molecule recognition chip by means of bioluminous enzyme luciferase
We have succeeded in detecting the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) concentration in a solution quantitatively using an ATP-molecule recognition chip. The ATP-molecule recognition chip is composed of aExpand
In order to examine the relationship between the landslides and the subsurface structure of the slope, the cone penetration test were carried out on the weathered granite hillslope in AichiExpand