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This paper presents a nouet feed-through assignment algorithm based on minimum-cost multi-commodity flow formulation. After finding single-commodity flow with f70w conj%ts on the formulation, the algorithm eliminates all the conflicts to obtain a feasible solution. Since all nets and cell rows are considered simultaneously, our algorithm globally minimizes(More)
In patients with cancer and Parkinson's disease, the DJ-1 protein may be secreted into the serum during the impaired response of the underlying cell-protective mechanisms. In order to determine the clinical significance of DJ-1 protein in the sera of breast cancer patients, we examined blood samples from a breast cancer group (n = 180) and a non-cancerous(More)
This paper presents a novel method for logic minimization in large-scale multi-level networks. It accomplishes its great reductions on the basis of multi-signal implications and the relationships among these implications. Both are handled on a transitive implication graph, proposed in this paper, which realizes high-speed, high-quality minimization. This(More)
BACKGROUND Lung cancer rarely metastasizes to the breast, and breast metastasis of pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma has not been previously reported. CASE PRESENTATION The patient was a 66-year-old woman who became aware of a mass in the right breast and visited a physician. She was referred to our department for close examination, upon which she was(More)
Recently, the technique of system in package (SiP), in which a number of integrated circuit chips are enclosed in a single package, has been used for reducing size and supporting multiple functions. This has brought a number of benefits such as the shortening of development periods and the reduction of development costs compared to the technique of system(More)
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