Tomoyuki Bando

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The liverwort Marchantia polymorpha has X and Y chromosomes in the respective female and male haploids. Here we report the successful exploitation of representational difference analyses to isolate DNA markers for the sex chromosomes. Two female-specific and six male-specific DNA fragments were genetically confirmed to originate from the X and Y(More)
Y chromosomes are different from other chromosomes because of a lack of recombination. Until now, complete sequence information of Y chromosomes has been available only for some primates, although considerable information is available for other organisms, e.g., several species of Drosophila. Here, we report the gene organization of the Y chromosome in the(More)
Basophils have been erroneously considered as minor relatives of mast cells, due to some phenotypic similarity between them. While recent studies have revealed non-redundant roles for basophils in various immune responses, basophil-derived effector molecules, including lipid mediators, remain poorly characterized, compared to mast cell-derived ones. Here we(More)
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