Tomoyuki Aoki

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Infantile hepatic hemangioma with consumptive hypothyroidism is a rare condition. A 4-month-old girl presented with diffuse hepatic hemangiomas during treatment of congenital hypothyroidism. Serum reverse triiodothyronine was elevated, and her hypothyroidism improved concomitant with involution of the hemangioma following prednisolone and interferon-α(More)
The senescence-accelerated mouse (SAM) strains were established through selective inbreeding of the AKR/J strain based on phenotypic variations of aging and consist of senescence-prone (SAMP) and senescence-resistant (SAMR) strains. Among them, SAMP8 is considered as a model of neurodegeneration displaying age-associated learning and memory impairment and(More)
β2 and β3 adrenergic receptors (β2AR, β3AR) and uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) have been considered as candidate genes for obesity. Although each polymorphism of β3AR Trp64Arg, β2AR Arg16Gly and UCP1 -3826A>G is known to be associated with obesity, the interaction among these polymorphisms is not fully understood. We analyzed β3AR Trp64Arg, β2AR Arg16Gly and(More)
To investigate the relationship between blood rheology and endothelial function in patients with coronary risk factors, brachial arterial flow-mediated vasodilatation (FMD), an index of endothelial function and blood passage time (BPT), an index of blood rheology, and fasting blood cell count, glucose metabolism, and plasma fibrinogen, lipid, C-reactive(More)
BACKGROUND Small dense low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (sdLDL-C) concentrations correlate more strongly with coronary heart disease than other LDL-C and large LDL particle concentrations. We investigated the association between carotid artery intima-media thickness (IMT) and sdLDL-C concentrations in Japanese subjects. METHODS Carotid artery IMT,(More)
AIMS The pathophysiological roles of thyroid hormones in glucose metabolism remain uncertain. Type 3 iodothyronine deiodinase (D3) converts thyroxine (T4) and 3,5,3'-triiodothyronine (T3) to 3,3',5'-triiodothyronine (rT3) and 3,3'-diiodothyronine (T2), respectively, inactivating thyroid hormones in a cell-specific fashion. In the present study, we(More)
Thyroid hormones (THs) exert a number of physiological effects on the cardiovascular system. Some of the nongenomic actions of T3 are achieved by cross coupling the TH receptor (TR) with the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/protein kinase Akt (Akt) pathway. We observed that both T3 and T4 rapidly stimulated Akt phosphorylation and Ras-related C3(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate fasting serum insulin levels and insulin resistance, and their association with blood rheology, in Japanese young adults without diabetes. METHODS Blood samples were analysed and blood rheology was estimated using haematological parameters. Whole blood passage time was measured using a Hitachi MC-FAN(©) microchannel array flow(More)
Oxidative stress is a crucial factor in the pathogenesis and development of cardiovascular disease. Recently, simplified methods for the detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS) using the derivatives of reactive oxygen metabolites (d-ROMs) test as an index of ROS products and the biological antioxidant potential (BAP) test as an index of antioxidant(More)