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This paper describes an overview of the IR for Spoken Documents Task in NTCIR-9 Workshop. In this task, the spoken term detection (STD) subtask and ad-hoc spoken document retrieval subtask (SDR) are conducted. Both of the subtasks target to search terms, passages and documents included in academic and simulated lectures of the Corpus of Spontaneous(More)
This paper presents an overview of the Spoken Query and Spoken Document retrieval (SpokenQuery&Doc-2) task at the NTCIR-12 Workshop. This task included spoken query driven spoken content retrieval (SQ-SCR) and a spoken query driven spoken term detection (SQ-STD) as the two sub-tasks. The paper describes details of each sub-task, the data used, the creation(More)
In this paper, we investigate the answer type detection methods for realizing the Universal Question Answering (UQA), which returns an answer for any given question. For this purpose, the questions collected from a WWW question portal community site were analyzed to see how many kinds of questions were submitted in the real world. Then, we introduce the(More)
Spoken Document Retrieval (SDR) and Spoken Term Detection (STD) have been two of the most intensively investigated topics in spoken document processing research according to the establishment of the SDR and STD test collections by the Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) and NIST. Because Japanese spoken document processing researchers also requires such test(More)
In this paper, we propose two new methods targeting NTCIR-4 QAC2. First, we use knowledge resembling " common sense " for question answering purposes. For example, the length of a runway in an airport must be a few kilometers, but a few centimeters. In practice, we use specific types of information latent in document collections to verify the correctness of(More)
In the Navigational Retrieval Subtask 2 (Navi-2) at the NTCIR-5 WEB Task, a hypothetical user knows a specific item (e.g., a product, company, and person) and requires to find one or more representative Web pages related to the item. This paper describes our system participated in the Navi-2 subtask and reports the evaluation results of our system. Our(More)