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The CD45 antigen is a haemopoietic cell specific tyrosine phosphatase essential for antigen receptor mediated signalling in lymphocytes. Expression of different patterns of alternatively spliced CD45 isoforms is associated with distinct functions. We recently identified a polymorphism in exon 6 (A138G) of the gene encoding CD45 (PTPRC) that results in(More)
Chemotherapy-induced neutropenia is a common complication in cancer treatment. In this study, we investigated chemotherapy-induced neutropenia that was recently detected in all patients with gynecologic malignancy. Between January 2009 and December 2011, we examined cases of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia reported in our hospital. We analyzed the(More)
There are no potential tumor markers validated for prognosis of endometrial cancer. However, sialyl Tn (STN) is a carbohydrate antigen that is associated with the production of mucin, which reportedly plays important roles in carcinogenesis. Although STN expression in endometrial cancer has been investigated, its prognostic value remains controversial and(More)
Minimal deviation adenocarcinoma (MDA), also known as adenoma malignum of the uterine cervix, accounts for only ~1% of uterine cervical adenocarcinomas. Adenoma malignum of the uterine cervix was initially described by Gusserow in 1870. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MDA appears as multilocular lesions with solid components that extend from the(More)
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