Tomoyo Furukawa

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BACKGROUND Prevotella intermedia (P. intermedia), a gram-negative, black-pigmented anaerobic rod, has been implicated in the development of chronic oral infection. P. intermedia strain 17 was isolated from a chronic periodontitis lesion in our laboratory and described as a viscous material producing strain. The stock cultures of this strain still maintain(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence in the literature suggests that exopolysaccharides (EPS) produced by bacterial cells are essential for the expression of virulence in these organisms. Secreted EPSs form the framework in which microbial biofilms are built. METHODS This study evaluates the role of EPS in Prevotella intermedia for the expression of virulence. This(More)
Adrenaline (also known as Epinephrine) is a hormone, which works as major regulator of various biological events such stages of vertebrate, the role of adrenaline for early embryogenesis has been as heart rate, blood vessel and air passage diameters, and metabolic shifts. Although its specific receptors are expressing at the early developmental stage those(More)
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