Tomoya Suzuki

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This article evaluates the suitability of cadavers embalmed by the saturated salt solution (SSS) method for surgical skills training (SST). SST courses using cadavers have been performed to advance a surgeon's techniques without any risk to patients. One important factor for improving SST is the suitability of specimens, which depends on the embalming(More)
In embedded software development, the programming language C and inline assembly code are traditionally widely used. However, tools for C program-understanding, e.g., cross-referencers or call graph extractors, are not mature still today. In this paper, we introduce a novel technique for developing program-understanding tools, based on binary-level(More)
Although we can often observe time-series data of many elements, these elements do not always interact with each other. This paper proposes a scheme to estimate the interdependency among observed elements only by time-series data, which is useful for selecting essential elements to optimize multivariate prediction model. Because this estimation is a sort of(More)
  • Tomoya Suzuki
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2011
In the real world, there are many phenomena that are derived from deterministic systems but which fluctuate with nonuniform time intervals. This paper discusses the appropriate time scales that can be applied to such systems to analyze their properties. The financial markets are an example of such systems wherein price movements fluctuate with nonuniform(More)
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