Tomoya Matsuno

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In a previous report, we demonstrated that the exposure of cultured mouse cerebellar granule cells to permethrin, a type I pyrethroid insecticide, repressed the induction of activity-dependent c- fos and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) gene expression, accompanying a decrease in Ca(2+) influx into neurons. In addition, it has been suggested that(More)
Circannual pupation timing is not correlated with circadian period in the varied carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci Anthrenus verbasci (Insecta, Coleoptera, Dermestidae) shows a circannual rhythm in pupation and a circadian rhythm in adult locomotor activity. The period length of the circannual rhythm will be correlated with the length of a circadian period(More)
In phytophagous insects, in spite of some general advantages of oviposition on a vital part of their host food plants, certain species prefer dead tissues for oviposition. In the present study, we examined oviposition-related behaviors of a cicada, Cryptotympana facialis (Walker), which lays eggs exclusively into dead twigs. From behavioral observation of(More)
The circannual pupation rhythm of Anthrenus verbasci is entrained to an environmental cycle by changes in photoperiod. Exposure of larvae reared under short-day conditions to long days induced a clear phase delay of the circannual rhythm. There was no notable difference in the initial phase or period of the circannual rhythm among four geographically(More)
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