Tomoya Inui

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The third-order nonlinear optical (NLO) properties, at the molecular level, the static second hyperpolarizabilities, γ, of supermolecular systems composed of phenalenyl and pyrene rings linked by acetylene units are investigated by employing the long-range corrected spin-unrestricted density functional theory, LC-UBLYP, method. The phenalenyl based(More)
The static second hyperpolarizability γ of the complexes composed of open-shell singlet 1,3-dipole molecule involving a boron atom and a water molecule in aqueous phase are investigated by the finite-field (FF) method combined with a standard polarized continuum model (PCM) and with a newly proposed unbiased PCM (UBPCM). On the basis of the comparison with(More)
The magnetorotational instability(MRI) in the Kerr spacetime is studied on a 3+1 viewpoint. The Maxwell’s equations are expressed in a circularly orbiting observer’s frame that co-rotates with matter in Keplerian orbits. The hydromagnetic equations are represented in a locally nonrotating frame(LNRF). There exist large proper growth rates in MRI around a(More)
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