Tomoya Fujikawa

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We measured the characteristic curve, modulation transfer function (MTF), and the Wiener spectrum of a commercially available computed radiographic (CR) system with photostimulable phosphor plate (imaging plate, IP). The characteristic curve (system response) obtained by an inverse-square x-ray sensitometry showed a wide dynamic range (order of 10(3) in(More)
In proposing the jumping mechanism imitating the leg of vertebrate, unique mechanical function of bi-articular muscle was analyzed. The bi-articular muscle is an actuator which exists only in vertebrate. The ground reaction force and/or jumping motion were examined using the following three jumping mechanisms, 1) the mechanism which arranged two actuators(More)
alpha'-NaV2O5 transforms at Tc = 34K, and the origin of the phase transition seems to be caused by the charge order and spin-Peierls mechanism. However the experiments which reveal the existence of charge order are very little. We measured XANES of V atoms which relates to the valence of V. It was found that the valences of V atoms in NaV2O5 were V4.5+ in(More)
In order to study the local structure of some antimony compounds, Sb K-edge XAFS spectra were measured for Sb2Te3 and InSb. The measurements were performed in the transmission mode at BL-01 of SPring-8. Though crystal structure of antimony telluride Sb2Te3 is known by X-ray diffraction analysis, the EXAFS analyses give controversial result on the Sb-Te(More)
Cisplatin is the most widely used anticancer drug in the world. Mono-chloro and none-chloro complexes of cisplatin may be believed to be the activated compounds. The separation of these compounds using octa decyl silyl column or aminopropylsilyl silica gel column is difficult because of high-reactivity and structural similarity. In this study, cisplatin,(More)
We study the optical potential effects on the extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) and x-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD) spectra. For the valence electron optical potential we use a local density approximation because the charge density changes fairly slowly, whereas we use a non-local optical potential for the core electron part based on(More)
Boar Spermatidal Transition Protein 2 (TP2; 137 amino acid residues) is supposed to play an important role in initiation of chromatin condensation and cessation of transcriptional activity during mammalian spermniogenesis. Boar TP2 has three potential zinc finger motifs and binds three atoms of zinc per molecule. However the structure of the zinc-binding(More)
The basic framework of X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) theory is formulated by use of the non-equilibrium Keldysh-Green function, which presents a unified view of XAFS spectra at zero and nonzero temperature. In particular, the relation between the scattering Green's function and the retarded Green's function G' is discussed, along with resonance(More)