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The SEEK-2 campaign was carried out over Kyushu Island in Japan on 3 August 2002, by using the two sounding rockets of S310-31 and S310-32. This campaign was planned to elucidate generation mechanisms of Quasi-Periodic Echoes (QPEs) associated with mid-latitude sporadic-E(E s) layers. Electron number densities were successfully measured in the E s layers by(More)
Polymer derived ceramic materials such as SiCN is gaining momentum because of its excellent thermo-mechanical properties at high temperatures. In addition, the electrical conductivity of SiCN can be tailored and characterized to suit specific application needs. These excellent properties make SiCN a best choice for sensor applications. SiCN has been used(More)
It is demonstrated that dry etching and ashing damage in porous silica low-k films is recovered by TMCTS (1, 3, 5, 7-tetramethylcyclotetra-siloxane) vapor post annealing. The increase in k-value after Ar/C/sub 5/F/sub 8//O/sub 2/ plasma etching was reduced from 35% to 6.5% of the initial value (k=2.25) by TMCTS annealing. The leakage current was also(More)
It is known that tofu quality tends to vary among soybeans even of the same variety. Cultivation environments can affect the contents of the soybeans. Twenty-seven soybean varieties were grown in a drained paddy field and an upland field, and then their protein and phytate contents were determined using the Fourier transfer infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR)(More)
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