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A probable crystal structure of konjac glucomannan (mannose:glucose ratio = 1.6) is proposed based on X-ray data and constrained linked-atom least-squares model refinement. The structure crystallizes in the mannan II polymorphic form, in an orthorhombic unit-cell with a = 9.01 A, b = 16.73 A, c (fiber axis) = 10.40 A, and a probable space group I222. The(More)
The formation of a complex between (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan and congo red in dilute alkaline solutions (0.1 and 0.15 M sodium hydroxide) where the glucan takes an ordered conformation was studied by measuring visible absorption spectra of the solutions at various temperatures between 15 and 35 degrees C. The average number of the glucose residues forming the(More)
Technetium-99m had been used as a radioactive label to study the migratory patterns of neutrophils. In a previous in vitro study, neutrophils were labeled with Tc-99m and infused into patients with and without various hematological disorders. Increased pulmonary localization was detected by scintillation camera within 10 min; this decreased gradually within(More)
The crystal structures of chitosan acid salts were studied by X-ray diffraction measurements on a fiber diagram and a new procedure to obtain an anhydrous polymorph of chitosan was found. The salts prepared by immersing a chitosan into a mixture of acid solution and isopropanol were classified into two types (Types I and II) depending on their conformation.(More)
A systematic search for possible regular helical structures of a highly branching (1-->3)-alpha-D-glucan was done using the n-h mapping technique, combined with MM3-generated relaxed-residue energy map calculations with respect to the conformations of the backbone glycosidic linkages. The alpha-D-glucan, consisting of a (1-->3)-alpha-linked backbone with(More)
BACKGROUND A relationship has been reported between blood concentrations of coagulation factor VII (FVII) and obesity. In addition to its role in coagulation, FVII has been shown to inhibit insulin signals in adipocytes. However, the production of FVII by adipocytes remains unclear. OBJECTIVE We herein investigated the production and secretion of FVII by(More)
A simple method to obtain the molecular weight of curdlan was found by viscometry in its alkaline or DMSO solution. DMSO was found to be the most appropriate solvent for measuring Mv of curdlan. Based on two Sakurada-Houvink equations, [η]=KM(a), which have been obtained so far in alkaline solutions, two sets of parameters of the equation in the DMSO(More)
A case of signet cell carcinoma associated with AIDS is presented. A 50-year old Japanese man with hemophilia A was suffering from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, the result of multiple injections of clotting factor concentrates. A diagnosis of signet cell carcinoma of the stomach was reached upon endoscopic and histological examinations.(More)
A crystal and molecular structure for GTA I, the low temperature polymorph of (1----3)-alpha-D-glucan triacetate, is proposed on the basis of X-ray diffraction analysis of well-oriented films, combined with stereochemical model refinement. The unit cell is monoclinic with parameters a = 30.17 A, b = 17.42 A, c (fibre axis) = 12.11 A, and beta = 90 degrees(More)