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Soluble fibrin monomer appears in the bloodstream during the extremely early stage of blood coagulation and generally forms a complex with fibrinogen, termed soluble fibrin monomer complex (FMC). Determination of FMC can provide information regarding the state of thrombotic diseases; thus it is important to investigate whether FMC serves as an early(More)
A probable crystal structure of konjac glucomannan (mannose:glucose ratio = 1.6) is proposed based on X-ray data and constrained linked-atom least-squares model refinement. The structure crystallizes in the mannan II polymorphic form, in an orthorhombic unit-cell with a = 9.01 A, b = 16.73 A, c (fiber axis) = 10.40 A, and a probable space group I222. The(More)
The formation of a complex between (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan and congo red in dilute alkaline solutions (0.1 and 0.15 M sodium hydroxide) where the glucan takes an ordered conformation was studied by measuring visible absorption spectra of the solutions at various temperatures between 15 and 35 degrees C. The average number of the glucose residues forming the(More)
A 34-year old female was admitted to our clinic because of fever and general fatigue on March 26, 1987. On admission, peripheral blood (PB) revealed pancytopenia. Bone marrow smears revealed 9. 0% of promyelocytic cells with or without Auer rods. Diagnosis of RAEB in transformation was made. Chromosome study of the bone marrow cells showed t(15; 17) in 3(More)
Differences in the polymorphism and crystallinity of chitosan were found in membranes prepared by different procedures when examined by X-ray diffraction measurements for four samples of chitosan differing in the degree of polymerization. When an acetic acid solution of chitosan was dried in air and then soaked in an alkaline solution (method A), both(More)
A systematic search for possible regular helical structures of a highly branching (1-->3)-alpha-D-glucan was done using the n-h mapping technique, combined with MM3-generated relaxed-residue energy map calculations with respect to the conformations of the backbone glycosidic linkages. The alpha-D-glucan, consisting of a (1-->3)-alpha-linked backbone with(More)
A crystal and molecular structure for GTA I, the low temperature polymorph of (1----3)-alpha-D-glucan triacetate, is proposed on the basis of X-ray diffraction analysis of well-oriented films, combined with stereochemical model refinement. The unit cell is monoclinic with parameters a = 30.17 A, b = 17.42 A, c (fibre axis) = 12.11 A, and beta = 90 degrees(More)