Tomonori Yuasa

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We propose a method to visualize the arterial inflow, the vascular resistance, and the venous capacitance in the skin tissue from red, green, blue (RGB) digital color images. The arterial inflow and the venous capacitance in the skin tissue are visualized based on an increase in the rate of change in the total blood concentration and the change of the total(More)
We present the effects of spatiotemporal averaging processes on an estimation of spectral reflectance in color digital holography using speckle illuminations. In this technique, speckle fields emitted from a multimode fiber are used as both a reference wave and a wavefront illuminating an object. The interference patterns of two coherent waves for three(More)
The "Database AMPAC 2, " proposes the simple and unified format to describe single parameter of whole field of design, production and management. The database described by the format can be used commonly in any field connected by the network production system, since the description accepts any parameter in any fields and is field independent definition. The(More)
In order to visualize human skin hemodynamics, we investigated a method that is specifically developed for the visualization of concentrations of oxygenated blood, deoxygenated blood, and melanin in skin tissue from digital RGB color images. Images of total blood concentration and oxygen saturation can also be reconstructed from the results of oxygenated(More)
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