Tomonori Kouya

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The Strassen algorithm and Winograd's variant accelerate matrix multiplication by using fewer arithmetic operations than standard matrix multiplication. Although many papers have been published to accelerate single-as well as double-precision matrix multiplication by using these algorithms, no research to date has been un-dertaken to accelerate multiple(More)
We evaluate the performance of the Krylov subspace method by using highly efficient multiple precision sparse matrix-vector multiplication (SpMV). BNCpack is our multiple precision numerical computation library based on MPFR/GMP, which is one of the most efficient arbitrary precision floating-point arithmetic libraries. However , it does not include(More)
It is well known that Strassen and Winograd algorithms can reduce the computational costs associated with dense matrix multiplication. We have already shown that they are also very effective for software-based multiple precision floating-point arithmetic environments such as the MPFR/GMP library. In this paper, we show that we can obtain the same(More)
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