Tomonori Ishioka

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We analyzed serum concentrations of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) for their role in insulin resistance in 12 obese men with untreated Type 2 diabetes mellitus and in 6 age-and BMI-matched obese controls. Insulin resistance was expressed using the homeostasis model assessment (HOMA-R). Six of the patients were insulin-resistant (HOMA-R>5.0), while(More)
Some sulfated polysaccharides, such as d-CGN, APS, and DSS, have carcinogenicity to the rat colorectum. These materials first induced colitis, secondly squamous metaplasia, and finally tumors at the colorectum. Initially, colitis was located in the columnar epithelium of the rectum and extended proximally thereafter. Squamous metaplasia persisted in almost(More)
• Tissue extracts from the wall of the aorta of man and rabbit, and especially from the internal portion of the wall, contain a substance having thromboplastic activity. The physiological significance of this substance is unknown, but evidence to be given below indicates that epinephrine, in physiological concentrations, will release a substance having(More)
Twenty extremely low birthweight infants were treated with vancomycin (VCM). Their gestational age was 26.3 +/- 1.4 weeks (range 24.0-28.7 weeks) and their birthweight was 829 +/- 133 g (range 562-900 g). At the time of initial administration of VCM, postnatal age was 29.5 +/- 15.8 days (range 5-54 days). Vancomycin was administered in a dose between 9.3(More)
Helicobacter pylori and HLA-DR antigen expression on gastric epithelium, identified by an indirect immunoperoxidase staining method using monoclonal antibodies againstH. pylori and HLA-DR antigens, were studied topographically. Fitty-nine biopsy specimens from 41 patients who had neither gastric cancer nor peptic ulcers were examined.H. pylori was observed(More)
A permanent cell line (S-7512) was established by cell culture from the subcutaneous metastatic tumor of a human rectal cancer and has been maintained for 18 months. Cultured cells grew as isolated and piled-up colonies of epithelial cells, each with a scanty cytoplasm and a large nucleus containing several nucleoli. The average doubling time of this cell(More)
Class II antigen expression on gastric epithelium was investigated using an immunoperoxidase method in relation to the degree of inflammatory cell infiltration in the lamina propria. Sixty-six biopsy specimens from 43 patients with chronic gastritis were examined. The frequency of HLA-DR expression in specimens with cell infiltration was 94%, while that in(More)
We have undertaken studies on carcinogenesis arising from precancerous lesions, such as squamous metaplasia and ulcerative lesions of the rat colorectum, after termination of degraded carrageenan administration. Rates of tumor incidence in groups that were given a 10% diet of degraded carrageenan for 2, 6 and 9 months were 5 rats out of 39 (12.8%), 8 out of(More)