Tomonari Yamaguchi

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An X-band frequency doubler MMIC with a newly developed, small, 2-band elimination filter is presented. The filter consists of two miniaturized stubs and lumped capacitors and suits MMIC implementation. The line impedance and lengths of the stubs can be decided independently and the capacitance values are simple to calculate. The concept of the filter is(More)
Electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings during right and left hand motor imagery can be used to move a cursor to a target on a computer screen (such system is called BCI). Recently, we have proposed the detection method of Error Potential in order to add the fail safe function to BCI system. In this paper, feature extraction method based on morphological(More)
When the International Space Station (ISS) is completed and starts its operation, crew members will be stationed for three months or more in orbit aboard the ISS. As they stay longer in the space environment, "habitability" for them will become most important in the design of the interior space. One of the problems about habitability in a zero gravity (0 G)(More)
We consider the problem of identifying a central subgraph of a given simple connected graph. The case where the subgraph comprises a discrete set of vertices is well known. However, the concept of eccentricity can be extended to connected subgraphs such as: paths, trees and cycles. Methods have been reported which deal with the requirement that the subgraph(More)
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