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This paper describes The Krakatoa Chronicle, a highly interactive, personalized newspaper on the World Wide Web (WWW). It is intended for Java−aware WWW browsers such as HotJava, and is architecturally quite different from conventional web−based newspapers. Its high interactivity and powerful personalization are the result of sending an interactive agent(More)
This paper describes techniques for maximizing the efficient use of small screen space by combining delayed response with semi-transparency of control objects ("widgets") and on-screen text. Most research on the limitations of small display screens has focused on methods for optimizing concurrent display of text and widgets at the same level of transparency(More)
Most online advertisement systems in place today use the concept of consumer targeting: Each user is identified and, according to his or her system setup, browsing habits and available off-line information, categorized in order to customize the advertisements for highest user responsiveness. This constant monitoring of a user's online habits, together with(More)
This paper discusses the personalization of online newspapers based on our experience with the Krakatoa Chronicle, an interactive, personalized, newspaper on the World Wide Web (WWW). The personalization of newspapers involves both social and technical issues. In social terms, it is important that users can control the extent of personalization, because(More)
This paper describes the development of a streaming advertisement delivery system that controls the insertion of streaming advertisements into streaming content.Conventional personalization techniques lack a time-control function for advertisement insertion, so the advertisement exposure for each user access can become excessive, much to the annoyance of(More)
Advances in understanding the role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in normal physiology are giving insight into the basis of adverse effects attributed to the use of VEGF inhibitors in clinical oncology. These effects are typically downstream consequences of suppression of cellular signalling pathways important in the regulation and maintenance(More)
We present Krakatoa Chronicle, an interactive, personalized newspaper on the World Wide Web implemented as a Java applet. The newspaper is similar in appearance to newspapers in the real world, with a multi-column layout and justified text. At the same time it provides various interaction techniques for browsing the content of articles, giving relevance(More)