Tomonari Ishimine

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From April 1980 to April 1995 a total of 54 patients (53 women, 1 man) were hospitalized in our department for the surgical treatment of radiation enterocolitis. Two surgical protocols were applied for these patients: intestinal decompression procedures alone (intestinal bypass, colostomy, or both; n = 18) or an intestinal resection in addition to(More)
To evaluate the risk factors for bowel necrosis in adult patients with hepatic portal venous gas (HPVG). This retrospective study comprised 33 adult patients treated for HPVG between August, 2008 and December, 2011. The patients were divided into a necrotic group (n = 14) and a non-necrotic group (n = 19). We analyzed the clinical demographics, laboratory(More)
A successfully repaired case, a 53-years old man, who suffered DeBakey IIIb type dissecting aneurysm and renal dysfunction was reported. The right kidney, of which artery was originated from the false lumen, was autotransplanted to the right iliac system to improve the renal blood circulation. Then the descending aorta was segmentally replaced with the(More)
A 72-year-old female with scirrhous-type advanced gastric cancer was treated with TS-1/CDDP as neoadjuvant chemotherapy. TS-1 (80 mg/m(2)/day) was orally administered for 3 weeks and CDDP (60 mg/m(2)) was administered by intravenous drip on day 8. Partial response (PR) was obtained after the first course, and total gastrectomy was performed. The(More)
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