Tomonari Furukawa

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This paper presents a Bayesian approach to the problem of searching for multiple lost targets in a dynamic environment by a team of autonomous sensor platforms. The probability density function (PDF) for each individual target location is accurately maintained by an independent instance of a general Bayesian filter. The team utility for the search vehicles(More)
This paper addresses the problem of coordinating a team of multiple heterogeneous sensing platforms searching for a single lost target. In this approach, the utility of a control sequence is a function of the probability density function (PDF) of the target state. Each decision maker builds an equivalent estimate of this PDF by communicating and fusing the(More)
This paper describes a decentralized Bayesian approach to coordinating multiple autonomous sensor platforms searching for a single non-evading target. In this architecture, each decision maker builds an equivalent representation of the target state PDF through a Bayesian DDF network enabling them to coordinate their actions without exchanging any(More)
This paper presents a coordinated control technique that allows heterogeneous vehicles to autonomously search for and track multiple targets using recursive Bayesian filtering. A unified sensor model and a unified objective function are proposed to enable search-and-tracking (SAT) within the recursive Bayesian filter framework. The strength of the proposed(More)
This paper presents a control strategy for the pursuer in the pursuit-evasion game problem when the evader behaves intelligently. The pursuer in the proposed technique does not try to react to the evader's behavior instantaneously. The proposed technique therefore does not yield instantaneous optimality but capture the evader in a time-efficient and robust(More)
This paper presents an engineering solution to the current human health hazards involved in spraying potentially toxic chemicals in the confined space of a hot and steamy glasshouse. This is achieved by the design and construction of an autonomous mobile robot for use in pest control and disease prevention applications in commercial greenhouses. The(More)
This paper presents a technique for dynamically reconfiguring search spaces in order to enable Bayesian autonomous search and tracking missions with moving targets. In particular, marine search and rescue scenarios are considered, highlighting the need for space reconfiguration in situations where moving targets are involved. The proposed technique improves(More)
This paper presents the real-time control of cooperative unmanned air vehicles (UAV) that dynamically engage multiple targets in a time-optimal manner. Techniques to dynamically allocate vehicles to targets and to subsequently find the time-optimal control actions are proposed. The decentralization of the proposed control strategy is further presented such(More)