Tomomichi Mizuno

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We provide a simple model to investigate decisions about vertical separation. The key feature of this model is that more than one input is required for the final product of the downstream monopolist. We show that as the bargaining powers of independent complementary input suppliers grow larger, the downstream monopolist tends to separate from its input(More)
The penis of adult rats comprises the corpus cavernosum penis and the proximal and distal segments of os penis which are situated proximal-distally in this order. Androgens are necessary for the phenotypic differentiation of these tissues. In the present study, genital tubercular mesenchyme of foetal rats was recombined with or without homologous or(More)
The inductive action of duodenal mesenchyme on the cytodifferentiation of stomach endoderm in chick embryos was investigated in vitro with electron microscopy and immunofluorescence. Morphologically undifferentiated endoderm of the stomach of a 4-day embryo could differentiate only into a mucous secretory epithelium when cultured in the absence of(More)
Recombination of the epithelium and mesenchyme between quail anterior submaxillary gland (elongating type) and quail anterior lingual or mouse submaxillary gland (branching type) was effected in vitro to clarify whether the elongating morphogenesis was directed by the epithelial or the mesenchymal component. Quail anterior submaxillary epithelium recombined(More)
Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions during development of the forestomach and glandular stomach in fetal mice were investigated by recombination experiments in vitro. Stomach epithelium could not survive when cultivated alone, but its development was supported by the presence of homologous or heterologous mesenchyme. The developmental fate of the epithelium(More)
The morphogenetic potential of human colon cancer cells was examined by combining cells with foetal rat mesenchyme in organ culture. Out of four cell lines examined, LS174T cells formed glandular structures composed of a simple columnar or cuboidal epithelium with a lumen in the centre of the cell mass. Ultrastructurally, these gland-forming LS174T cells(More)
Differentiation of functional hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells from immature hepatocytes was analysed in vitro. When fetal mouse liver fragments containing immature hepatocytes but no bile ducts were cultured organotypically, the immature hepatocytes differentiated into large hepatocytes. Some of these expressed bile duct markers such as cytokeratin(More)
The morphogenesis and cytodifferentiation of human colon cancer cells (LS174T and HT29) were examined by combining cancer cells with fetal rat digestive-tract mesenchyme in organ culture. LS174T cells migrated into the mesenchyme to form glandular structures composed of single columnar cells with their nuclei oriented basally, while HT29 cells formed cell(More)