Tomomi Uchiyama

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Developing applications for metal-mediated base pairs (metallo-base-pair) has recently become a high-priority area in nucleic acid research, and physicochemical analyses are important for designing and fine-tuning molecular devices using metallo-base-pairs. In this study, we characterized the Hg(II)-mediated T-T (T-Hg(II)-T) base pair by Raman spectroscopy,(More)
In order to reduce fluoroscope usage in endovascular surgery there is a need to develop autonomous catheter insertion systems. We propose a system for tracking the position of the catheter using a magnetic motion capture sensor to provide feedback to a catheter driving mechanism to perform autonomous catheter insertion in major vasculature. Catheter(More)
Direct numerical simulation (DNS) of a fully-developed turbulent flow in a channel rotating around the span-wise axis is performed. A vortex in cell (VIC) method, of which numerical accuracy was successfully improved by the authors in their prior study, is applied to the DNS. The Reynolds number based on the friction velocity and the channel half width is(More)
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