Tomomi Tadokoro

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beta-Galactose residues on N-glycans have been implicated to be involved in growth regulation of cells. In the present study we compared the galactosylation of cell surface N-glycans of mouse Balb/3T3 cells between 30 and 100% densities and found the beta-1,4-galactosylation of N-glycans increases predominantly in a 100-kDa protein band on lectin blot(More)
Human diploid fibroblastic cell line, TIG-3, has a finite life span of about 80 population doubling levels (PDL), and is used for in vitro aging studies. Young cells (PDL 23) grew to higher cell densities at a higher growth rate than aged cells (PDL 77). When the electrophoretic mobility of cells was determined, the negative surface charge of the aged cells(More)
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