Tomomi Ogawa

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In this paper, we present the road environment recognition algorithm using on-vehicle LIDAR. Although our 2-dimensional scanning and high-resolution LIDAR can detect the forward vehicle, other objects and the lane mark at the same time, we have only applied the LIDAR to ACC system by recognizing only vehicles. To pursue the potential of the LIDAR, DENSO has(More)
Blind signal separation method is the method that the source signals are obtained by separating only the mixed signals. Generally, separation precision is lower when blind signal separation method is used for the sound signals. It is the cause that the power of the sound signals is concentrated in the low-frequency band. Specifically, the high-frequency(More)
There is the over-sampling method which is one of the methods for realizing the blind identification. In the conventional method, the unknown system is usually assumed by FIR system and the estimation filter is also used by FIR filter. However, if a target system has long impulse length in many real environment, we may have to assume IIR system for the(More)
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