Tomomi Kanehara

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The licensed smallpox vaccine, ACAM2000, is a cell culture derivative of Dryvax. Both ACAM2000 and Dryvax are administered by skin scarification and can cause progressive vaccinia, with skin lesions that disseminate to distal sites. We have investigated the immunologic basis of the containment of vaccinia in the skin with the goal to identify safer vaccines(More)
Freeze-dried live attenuated smallpox vaccine LC16m8 prepared in cell culture has been the sole smallpox vaccine licensed in Japan since 1975 and was recently recommended as a WHO stockpile vaccine. We evaluated the safety of recently remanufactured lots of LC16m8 using a series of immunodeficient mouse models. These models included suckling mice, severe(More)
BACKGROUND Attenuated vaccinia virus strain, LC16m8, defective in the B5R envelope protein gene, is used as a stockpile smallpox vaccine strain in Japan against bioterrorism: the defect in the B5R gene mainly contributes to its highly attenuated properties. METHODS The protective activity of LC16m8 vaccine against challenge with a lethal dose of vaccinia(More)
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