Tomomi Hashimoto

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It remains to be determined experimentally whether increasing fitness is related to positive selection, while stationary fitness is related to neutral evolution. Long-term laboratory evolution in Escherichia coli was performed under conditions of thermal stress under defined laboratory conditions. The complete cell growth data showed common continuous(More)
BACKGROUND Although visceral obesity, a key abnormality in the metabolic syndrome, is an important risk for cardiovascular diseases, reduction in visceral fat is hard to achieve despite intensive efforts directed at lifestyle modification. The present study was designed to investigate whether ezetimibe, an inhibitor of intestinal cholesterol absorption(More)
UNLABELLED Aims/Introduction:  The daily basal insulin doses/body weight and the daily basal insulin doses/total daily insulin doses of Japanese type 1 diabetes mellitus patients are less than those of Western type 1 diabetes mellitus patients. It is known that Western meals are richer in fat than Japanese meals. We speculated that fat intake might be(More)